How to get Government Agency loans outstanding cases with 3.5% rate

Government Agency loan for civil servants for exceptional expenses

Government Agency loan for civil servants for exceptional expenses

Multi-year Social Institute ex Government Agency loans are subsidized interest rate lines of credit granted by the Social Institute Ex Government Agency Management. Office into which the Government Agency flowed following the suppression, wanted by the Monti government. Products that are granted to meet specific expenses, but which in some cases may also be required to meet exceptional expenses. In this case we speak of Government Agency loans exceptional cases.

Multi-year Government Agency loans for exceptional cases follow the same conditions as normal multi-year loans. The only difference is therefore the purpose of using the money.

The duration can in fact be 5 or 10 years, depending on the reason why the funding is requested. The sum that can be financed is defined on the basis of the expenses that the applicant must bear. Amortization always provides for monthly installments of a constant amount, deducted directly from the payee’s paycheck or pension.

As regards the interest rate, the Social Institute ex Government Agency long-term loans always provide a fixed Tan at 3.5%. A rate of 0.5% is also applied to the gross amount of the loan, for administration costs.

The premium for the Social Institute Risk Fund also contributes to the definition of the global interest rate (Taeg). The latter is defined by applying a variable rate depending on the duration of the loan and the duration of the amortization plan.

How to apply for a multi-year loan application online

How to apply for a multi-year loan application online

For the purposes of access to credit, the public employee or pensioner who submits the request must be registered with a specific Credit Fund, the Unitary Management of credit and social benefits.

As regards the application for funding, the procedure for submitting the application varies according to whether the applicant is a public employee or pensioner. In the case of employees, the application must be sent through the home administration. Pensioners, on the other hand, can send the request independently, thanks to the online services available on the Social site.

Government Agency exceptional cases loans are subject to the evaluation of the social security institution. In case of acceptance, the amount payable is defined in the application. at the time of the request, however, it is necessary to present all the documentation certifying the applicant’s state of need.

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