Educational loans – a loan for the profession


Graduates of schools have very little time left to once again seriously think about their future specialty. Today, young people are increasingly forced to choose a university and profession, focusing not only on their desires and abilities, but also on the opportunity to pay for education.

To cope with financial difficulties without changing their vocation, yesterday’s schoolchildren will be helped by educational loans of the country.

Who can get an educational loan?

Who can get an educational loan

Students who first receive higher education in one of the listed universities and who meet the performance criteria established by the Ministry of Education can apply to the bank for credit.

To remain a member of the preferential program, they must study “excellent” and “good”. Only one triple is allowed, and even that is not for two consecutive sessions. If the borrower goes on academic leave, the loan term will be extended, but no more than a year.

Funds are provided in dollars, without collateral, commissions and any documentary evidence of the borrower’s income. For the period of study and the next 3 months, the student is given a deferment in payment of the main debt.

Only the payments for using the service will remind him of the need to repay the loan in due time: the first year – in the amount of 40% of the accrued interest, the second – 60%, and starting from the third year of study – all the accrued interest is fully. As a whole, you need to repay the loan within 10 years after graduation.

The interest rate on an “Educational loan with state support” is equal to 1/4 of the refinancing rate, increased by 3 percentage points, which today corresponds to only 5% per annum in dollars.

Educational loan for everyone

Educational loan for everyone

But what to do to young people who prefer educational institutions that are not participating in the state program? They have the usual “Educational loan” , which is provided for education at the full-time, evening or correspondence department of any educational institution registered in the country under one of the vocational education programs (primary, secondary, higher or additional).

Citizens of the country aged 14 and over can take such a loan. Customers under the age of 18, as well as those who have already reached a given age but have not managed to find a job, will need co-borrowers – parents or other adults who have regular income and are ready to help the student.

The maximum amount of an “Educational loan” is up to 90% of the cost of training. The guarantee is the guarantee of individuals, the pledge of any liquid property. The interest rate is 8.79% per annum in dollars. The loan term is up to 10 years, including the training period for which a delay in repayment of the principal debt is given. At the same time, the debt must be repaid no later than 5 years after the issue.

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